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What are your business cards for?

Some people call this piece of cardboard "has been" but the business card lasts because it represents you and your company! We accumulate them in filing cabinets, drawers and waste time capturing the valuable information they contain. Why not give them a new life and keep only the essentials?

Our Master Cards

Corporate Social Responsibility

Less paper,
Less waste,
More social responsibility!

We collaborate with associations that provide social and professional support.

Visual Identity

You have created a logo to differentiate yourself, a graphic chart to convey your values!

So why give a damaged card?

We also respect your letter identity.

Updated contacts!

Keeping your address book up to date is tedious and time-consuming!

Update your profile and your card is modified throughout your network and Vice Versa!

No more scribbling on your cards!

Omni channel

Without constraints, you share your card by proximity in "Swop", or text message.
It can be integrated into your email signature!
Nothing stops you now, not even the paper!
You can exchange and integrate 360° coordinates without having to carry your block of 80 cards in your pocket.


They talk about us

The data is the most important thing for me. I was looking for a tool that would allow me to integrate and disseminate contact information in any way. Airswop did it!

During my career I have collected 4 whole business card folders. Finding a card is no easy task, I didn’t know how to store them. With this solution, all my cards are organized, classified by name, company. I can even “categorize” them. But above all, they don’t take up any more space!

“A real estate agent consumes an unimaginable number of business cards. Now I have an infinite number of them, always with me. No more packages that take up too much space!

Thank you Airswop”

I am very sensitive to the protection of the environment.

Airswop, allows me to have an eco-friendly card that fights against waste. I just changed my phone number, I don’t need to throw away my old cards. The change is immediate for all my contacts. I don’t need to erase my card in pen anymore!

I have downloaded a lot of contact management applications, where you scan cards, with an ocr. Re-typing is inevitable and none of them offered me to reproduce my paper card exactly as I did.