Much more than a Digital business card

Much more than a Digital Business Card

Integrate your business card into your smartphone.

Make a beautiful and great impression

Since Covid-19, our habits have been shaken up, no more document exchanges, no more paper business cards and no more hugs.

Equipping yourself with a digital business card allows you to exchange with your prospects in full safety. To be shared during a physical meeting or a video conference, your interlocutors record your contact information in one click, increasing traffic to your site and your social networks.

We have optimized your application so that the reception of your card generates qualified leads and integrates them, without capturing them, into your CRM software!

Your business card becomes a real generator of growth.

AirSwop, the marketing tool

Trigger emotion

Triggering emotions sells!

Our brain memorizes images more easily than abstract elements such as blocks of text with coordinates.

Your logo and visual identity provoke the "Wow" effect that stimulates the emotion of your interlocutor.

That's why we attach particular importance to replicating your graphic chart on your digital card and your email signature.

No need to have the app

Share with the entire world

By sms, email, qr code or geolocation your recipient receives your contact information on every device and becomes a qualified prospect in one click.

Update your profile and your card is modified throughout your network and Vice Versa!

Your address book is always up to date, the data you collect is exported to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) without entering it.


Highlight your company and its production with a personalized catchphrase.
Communicate your news, your new products or your favorites!
In one click, your recipient is informed and generates traffic to your site and your social networks!
Positive Social Impact

Start your Ecological Transition

Did you know that millions of trees are cut down to produce business cards?

Adopting AirSwop also means reducing your company's paper consumption.

For those of you who keep your old card, take a picture, we collaborate with Associations for social and professional support who manually enter the data on this card. The data will come back entered in your application, without an error!

Engage your company in social responsibility.