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The paper business card is prohibited

Today, to exchange your contact information, without contact, there is AirSwop!

Make a nice, great, first impression

Integrate your business card into your smartphone.

To generate qualified leads, to accelerate your growth, to communicate about your business and its production in one click and to protect your teams from COVID.
Based on 4 fundamentals

AirSwop, the innovative marketing tool

Trigger emotions

A sale ends with emotions.
Your logo and your visual identity provoke the "Wow" effect that triggers emotion in your interlocutor.

This is why we give a particular importance to replicate your graphic chart on your digital card and your email signature.


By sms, email, qr code, geolocation or photo, with or without AirSwop, your recipient receives your contact information and becomes a qualified lead in one click.

Keeping your address book up to date is tedious and time consuming!

Update your profile and your card is modified throughout your network and Vice Versa!

All the data you collect is exported to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) without entering it.


Highlight your company and its production in one click. Increase the commercial impact of this moment of exchange tenfold.

Communicate on your last news, your new products or your favorites!
Stand out from the crowd!

Generate a Positive Social Impact

Reduction of paper consumption in your company
We collaborate with Associations for social and professional support that manually enter your paper business cards piled up at the bottom of the drawer.