Much more than a Digital business card

How to share your Digital Business Card

Even without apps

SMS, Mail

Share your card by sms or email, your contact opens the link, he is directed to a web page, where he saves your details in his smartphone. He surfs on your website, views a presentation of your company and contacts you directly.

He is invited to send you his contact information, which is stored in your application, your phone and even your CRM.

If you are promoted or have changed your phone number, he keeps your data up to date.

Still without application

QR Code

Present your QR Code, your interlocutor flashs it, he is directed to the same web page, that we present in the exchange by sms, mail.
With paper cards?

Take a Picture

Take a picture of the paper business card that your contact person is handing you!

BeCareful of COVID, do not touch 😷!

The photo is automatically sent to an institution where people with a disability enter the data of the photo manually.

You retrieve this information in your application, your phone and your CRM while your card is automatically sent to your contact person.

With the app, it's just crazy!


Meet a user, select your card and click on the swop!
You are on a geolocation sharing space.

With a simple click on your contact business card, you save his contact information in your app, your phone and your CRM.

The exchange is done in the Air...