Create an online catalog of all your products.

Why create an online catalog of all your products?

A single photo or video can trigger sales
In a glance, your future customers discover your products and services.

Behind your AirSwop business card is hidding a real communication strategy. In less than one minute, you create a real online catalog of your products, your services and your activity in its entirety. Without any technical knowledge, you create and broadcast a real marketing campaign! Published on social networks, your digital business card informs all your customers of your news and your new products with quality content. Easier to set up than a newsletter, your communication tools is the most efficient way to give more visibility to your company.

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To give more visibility to your products, add photos and videos.

With a single link, which you copy and paste wherever you want, your products and services will be visible everywhere.

An effective communication strategy starts with a visual presentation of your products. Add from your application, a photo and a description so that the recipient of your virtual business card discovers at a glance what you offer thanks to your online catalog.

You think a photo is too static? Add a video YOUTUBE. Copy the link of your product presentation video in your online catalog and add a catchy description. A preview of the video is displayed on your digital business card, it's always nicer than a barbaric link.

At AirSwop, we believe that emotions play an important role in any sales process. Emotions are triggered by the colors of your visual identity, your logo, your photo. But you can go even further. Film yourself!

Present yourself on camera and attach your video to your online brochure. The recipients of your card, when they meet you, will have the impression of already knowing you.

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To make yourself known, launch real marketing campaigns, via your AirSwop card and your online catalog.

In your communication strategy, after having presented your product, with beautiful visuals and videos, you have to determine by which means you will diffuse your content within your network.

Today, email is certainly the most used means to spread information. But how many advertising mails are you still reading today? Worse still, how can you be sure that your advertising mail has not arrived in your interlocutor's junk mail? All your customers, all your prospects are drowned in e-mails. The chance of not being lost in the mass is slim, knowing that the opening rate of an email is less than 16%...

On the other hand, sharing your AirSwop card by text or by instant messaging like What's app, Telegram or Signal is a great way to make sure your communication campaign is a real success and that your online brochure opened. With a message open rate of over 95% and a read rate within 4 minutes, text messaging is the all-time broadcast champion. Create your marketing campaigns with your AirSwop communication tools and make sure that your customers and prospects discover your news.

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All your employees are spreading the same message. Your communication plan thanks to your online catalog gets bigger!

You ,now, know the nuts and bolts of launching your communication strategy, but in an organization that must spread the messages of our campaign? To be impactful, the message must be unanimous. All your collaborators must speak with the same voice. By defining your content in advance, each member of your company will display, along with their contact details, the predefined photos and videos in their catalog.

AirSwop, your tailor-made solution to launch your communication plan!

Before developing a plan, it is important to establish a communication strategy by asking yourself a few questions: What product do we want to promote? What is our objective? To make ourselves known, to inform... Who do we want to reach? Prospects, customers... What budget will we allocate to the operations? What media will we use? Newsletter, advertising... When will we start? Who will distribute the content?

These are a lot of complicated questions, which can be scary. When you start a business, you don't really know where to start, how to organize yourself and how to act. Creating a website, which seems to be the basis of any communication plan, requires budget or certain skills.

AirSwop offers you the possibility, to create in 10 sec, your online catalog to [present your products and your services by adding photos and videos.] (

You just have to answer the previous questions. You can put forward, when you want, your favorite product of the moment, both to make them known or to regularly inform your customers or your prospects. For a "mini" budget, you can spread your news by sharing your virtual business card on all your media with a unique communication tools.

And if you manage a team, it is essential that all your collaborators speak with the same voice by spreading the same message. Your communication plan is established, you add the content, your collaborators only have to send a few text messages, what's app or email to highlight all your news and make sure that your communication strategy is a real success and have your online catalog viewed by millions of visitors !

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