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In a world where Corporate Social Responsibility has become a major criterion in the brand image, AirSwop accompanies you in taking up this new challenge! CSR is a voluntary consideration of environmental, social and ethical issues in our activities. It is the whole of the actions of contribution of the companies to the sustainable development. AirSwop proposes you to act and to engage in a corporate social responsibility policy.

Your corporate social responsibility policy: Join Team Zero Paper

Did you know that millions of trees are cut down to produce paper business cards?

Nearly 2 million trees are cut down each year to print these pieces of cardboard to exchange contact details. Despite digitalization, the consumption of paper continues to increase. This overconsumption represents an environmental cost, each year it would cause the destruction of nearly 60 000 km2 of forests. This represents nearly 40% of deforestation in the world. The business card and the paper industry, more globally, has a major environmental impact.

No less than 600 million tons of CO2 are emitted each year on the earth, plus the products used for paper bleaching and processing. Paper is the third most polluting industry in terms of air, water and soil pollution.

How many business cards did you order last time? About 100? How many employees do you have in your company? How many trees does that represent?

With each change of function, phone number or logo, so many cards are reprinted to replace the old ones, which end up in the trash. Indeed, the vast majority of cards are coated with selective varnish, a thin layer of polypropylene (derived from plastic) that is very complicated to recycle. Even if their material allows them to be recycled, we often forget that the process involves a high energy expenditure! It's time to check the box OBJECTIVE ZERO PAPER and commit to a sustainable corporate social responsibility policy.

What if you save trees and reduce your energy costs by adopting an AirSwop card?

More about: how to update your AirSwop card

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Perform with inclusion!

Even though you are already fully convinced by virtual business cards, you might still have a question! How do I proceed when I meet some die-hard paper card curators who want to exchange it?

AirSwop offers you to add it to your contact list with a simple photo.

We collaborate with social and professional support establishments called ESAT.

Your photo reaches a secure platform, a disabled person manually enters the data on this card. The information comes back to be implemented in your application, after verification, without error, nor unusual character!

Your card is sent, automatically, in turn, on the e-mail of the said paper card.

Don't forget to leave him his card, he can use it again. In addition to reducing your paper consumption, you reduce those of your meetings. Be an ACTOR of change, be RESPONSIBLE, CONSOLIDATE your corporate social responsibility policy.

Digital pollution, a major issue.

Fighting against digital pollution means making your computer equipment last longer and making less demands on your interactions with the networks. It means adapting your uses and your way of consuming. Here is a new variable, easily applicable, that you can integrate into your corporate social responsibility policy.

AirSwop and the environment!

Digital technology is at the heart of many controversies, especially digital pollution. The digital pollution includes the pollutions generated by the new technologies. Paradoxically, the more we dematerialize, the more we use material and energy: manufacture of cell phones, functioning of the Internet network...

This is why AirSwop uses a technology that makes the application available on many phones, even old ones. This was a real obligation for us. On the other hand, to reduce emissions due to network operation, the architecture of our solution makes the most of your smartphone's capabilities rather than generating round trips with the servers (which is why your card may take a little longer to take into account the modification of your personal information).

Our corporate social responsibility policy requires us to choose our service providers based on the evaluation of their energy footprint and their strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To help you understand and discover all our environmental and societal objectives, we publish them in full transparency. We invite you to discover them on our ZEI profile.

In line with these objectives, we are committed to donating 1% of our sales to the international collective of companies, associations and individuals working together for a healthy planet: the 1% for the Planet

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AirSwop, your best ally for your corporate social responsibility policy strategy!

In addition to being an opportunity for any company to develop, CSR plays an essential role in the brand image. It is therefore essential for a company to work on its sustainable development strategy.

In the professional world, offering a business card is a reflex, it is the first element of communication of a company. In other words, it is the time to mark the spirits and to assert its values. Distributing an eco-responsible card defines the priorities of your company, from the start, but it does not stop there.

Adopting AirSwop at the heart of your CSR strategy means :

  • Reduce the paper consumption of your company and all the others you encounter
  • Eliminate the energy expenses surrounding the design of paper cards (deforestation, use of toxic materials, glue, ink) and their recycling
  • Build employee loyalty (fulfillment, sense of unity through a collective mission...)
  • Attract talent (more motivated to work in a responsible company)
  • Access to responsible public and private markets (competitive advantage on these markets that require CSR criteria)
  • Attract new partners and professionals (via clubs and groups such as the CSR articlub)
  • Gain considerable confidence with funding and aid mechanisms (they favor companies committed to a CSR approach)
  • Build customer loyalty and increase the number of customers (Eco-socio-design of products and services. Win-win" innovations)

"The best waste is the one we don't produce " , become a responsible actor by implementing good practices: Share your eco - responsible business card.

Our customer testimonials

The commercial agents in real estate distribute an incalculable number of business cards, the waste is exponential. It seemed obvious to me to dematerialize them to reduce this waste.

Florence Commercial agent

Sports coach, fervent defender of the environment, I wanted to transmit my values with my business card. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint, even on my own scale. I turned to AirSwop which shares these same values

Mathieu Sports coach

We are changing our entire corporate identity. With more than 10,000 employees, changing business cards is not only a huge job to make sure that everyone gets the right one, but also a real waste. AirSwop is the solution we needed!

David Marketing Director
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