Your digital business card is easy to exchange.

Your digital business card can be exchanged easily and without limits.

AirSwop, the smartphone application to exchange contact details in one click.
Your business card, always on you, always up to date!

An indispensable communication tool in the working world, the digital business card allows you to share a certain amount of information, notably your name, contact details and the company you represent. It has been around for hundreds of years and has evolved over time, adopting several formats. Today, the paper business card is transformed into a virtual one. Integrated in your cell phone, your AirSwop card is always with you and always up to date. You are ready to respond to every business opportunity that comes your way.

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Share your digital business card with everyone you meet in one click.

The AirSwop mobile application allows you to share your virtual business card by sms or by email by sending a text message and the web link corresponding to your card. More direct and faster, the sms is the preferred means of communication of the moment. The recipient, even without the application, receives a personalized message and a preview of your digital business card.

If you feel your contact is reluctant to give you his cell phone number or email, our tool offers a simple solution: present him your Qr-Code. By triggering his camera, he will be automatically directed to your electronic business card.

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Your details are registered on all phones and more.

Your airswop card is accessible on all platforms and on all browsers. The web page that hosts your digital business card, automatically offers the visitor to download your "VCF " also called Vcard. VCards are used as a format for exchanging contact data. They contain all the basic information as well as a profile picture, a location address and other fields. They are saved as a contact file on smartphones, the famous "card " of our phone that we share.

Therefore, the professional, who received your AirSwop card, saves in one click all your information (contained in your vcf) in the contact list of his phone.

By keeping the AirSwop link of your e-business card, your correspondent will always keep your contact details updated. That's why AirSwop adds it to your famous vcf card, so that the person who has the link can update your contact.

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The contact details exchanges of tomorrow will be contactless.

If you meet an AirSwop user, exchanging your data will take you into the future! Geolocated around a restricted perimeter, your application proposes you to switch to a page dedicated to the exchange, in which the digital business card of your interlocutor appears. When you click on it, all his contact details are saved in your digital solution.

Turn the recipient of your card into a customer.

Your digital business card, with its strong graphic identity and the different presentations of your products can be shared very easily. But the benefits of your AirSwop card don't stop there.

Every time your recipient accesses your card, they can reach you directly by email, phone or WhatsApp. In addition, your tool, via a form that is automatically submitted to them, proposes to send you back their contact details and asks them if they want to be contacted again. This valuable information is implemented in your application and also flows into your customer management software without having to enter it manually

AirSwop is The solution to exchange your contact details. It's as easy to share your card as it is to get the information of your future customers.

The best friend of your phone's contact list.

All your contacts, exchanged, are synchronized with your smartphone. To avoid having to manage your contacts in several applications, AirSwop invites you to synchronize all your contacts with the list of those on your phone.

AirSwop your best solution to exchange contact details in one click.

As its name indicates, the professional meeting must be really professional. It is in a few seconds that our interlocutor gets an idea of us and our company. As a reflex, we systematically present our business card so that our interlocutor can contact us again.

The objective is simple, to mark the spirits, to remember us, our company and our offers. As soon as he is ready, as soon as he feels the need, it is imperative that he finds our contact details quickly.

A simple solution to easily exchange accurate information saved in one click is essential.

AirSwop is the easy way to ensure that your digital business card is always up to date, never corrupted, never crossed out. Your inexhaustible stock of cards turns every moment, every meeting into a business opportunity. Exchange your digital business card via your favorite media and rest assured that no one will misplace your contact details. You are automatically registered in one click in his phone.

They needed it

We were looking for a solution so that our employees could easily exchange their contact details on any phone. Even without a network, AirSwop allows you to share all your information.

Mélanie Director of Communication

After having tested several solutions and operating modes, AirSwop meets our expectations. We can easily send our digital business card to several partners and we can also get their contact details.

Antoine Purchasing Manager

For me, the "killer feature" is the AirSwop exchange. I met a user and in one click I got his digital business card, it was simple, fast and efficient. As soon as I arrived at the office, the contact was already in my CRM. AN INCREDIBLE SAVING OF TIME! Thank you

Regis CEO
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