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Share, Communicate, Perform.
Your business card always up to date, always with you !

Edit your profile, your card updates in your app and in the phones of everyone you've ever sent it to. No more cross-outs, no more penciled-in annotations and no more delays in delivery. You save paper, shipping and your budget!

Send your card without limits.

Personalize your message and share your AirSwop card by Sms, email, QR code, on social networks, Whats'App, Signal, Telegram.... It is accessible everywhere and by everyone via a unique web link. Even if the person you are talking to does not have the app, your contact information is recorded in one click! He contacts you, writes you a message or asks to be contacted again. But when you meet a user, the exchange takes a new dimension. You exchange cards by proximity.

Welcome to the future!

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Present your products and services!

It's time to launch your new communication strategy! Add the most beautiful photos, videos of your products and title them with your best catchphrases. AirSwop turns your virtual business card into a real catalog. In the blink of an eye, the recipient of your card discovers your products and becomes a customer. Watch your phone, he will contact you right away!

Broadcast without limit to realize real marketing campaigns

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Get more visitors on your website and subscribers on your social networks.

Linked to your social networks and your website, the more you share your AirSwop card, the more visitors it generates on your website and the more subscribers you gain.

Professionalize your email signatures.

Very simple, very professional! Integrate your AirSwop card into your email signatures. Whether on your computer or from your phone, you sign your email with your digital business card. The recipient clicks on it and goes to your AirSwop page. If you have collaborators, this is the best way to standardize the signatures of the whole team.

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Display your contact details on your desk.

Always in the spirit of non waste, instead of leaving your business card pad available, use your AirSwop leaflet and put it on your desk. It doesn't need to be replenished, it never runs out. The generation of the document is very simple from your AirSwop application! Your visitors flash the Qr code, save your contact information, stay connected to your news and contact you more easily.

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Create your Zoom background to make your contact details accessible during a webinar.

Have you ever been in a visio where you didn't know anyone and no one knew you? You didn't want to record the speakers' contact information or have them record yours? Make them accessible during your meetings by generating your virtual background. Your card and your QR-Code are superimposed on a background with your company's colors.

Integrate paper cards.

Take a picture and it's automatically sent to an assisted-living facility where people with disabilities enter the data on it. You retrieve this information from your application, your phone and your CRM software while your card is automatically sent to your contact person.

This service is an extra option. We propose you annual packs of 100, 500 and 1000 seizures, respectively invoiced at 60, 300 and 600€ HT. If your credit is not exhausted, it is renewed. The sums are invoiced by the ESAT and allow you to obtain Profit Units.

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Gain in productivity.

Stay focused on your business! No more time wasted manually entering your contacts or keeping them updated in your favorite software. AirSwop classifies, sorts and organizes. As a true entry point to your CRM, all the data you collect in your application flows into it. They are entered into your marketing campaign lists and synchronized with your address books.

Delegate tedious and time-consuming tasks! Also synchronized with your HR management platform, AirSwop updates your employees' cards for you by following their evolution (entry, exit, promotion)

Security and Trust. We take your privacy very seriously.

Your AirSwop card can only be seen by you and the people you share it with. You can forbid the "re-sharing" of your card. Your information is only viewable when you explicitly share it. All communications between the application and our servers are secure. We are ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified thanks to the architecture we choose. Our team constantly monitors security issues and makes strong effort to quickly correct our infrastructure.