Your graphic design on your virtual business card

Apply your graphic design to your virtual business card.

AirSwop, the smartphone application that tracks your visual identity to the pixel.
Stand out from your competitors with a virtual business card that looks like you.

Competition is fierce, standing out is essential. The first few seconds of a professional meeting are decisive! They start with an exchange of business cards. This is the moment to make a mark and to stand out. Generally speaking, visuals are more easily assimilated than words. 80% of people recognize a company by its graphic identity and you, what you are looking for, is to be visible and to be remembered. The graphic coherence of your company must remain intact especially on your virtual business card. This is why AirSwop makes sure to follow your graphic charter in its smallest details, to the comma.

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AirSwop follows the evolution of your graphic charter very closely!

**But, what is a graphic charter? The advantages of the realization of a graphic charter are multiple, but to summarize simply, it is, above all, to make homogeneous all the graphic achievements of the same organization. Website, presentation leaflets, advertising documents, visual communication, social network publications, all these media must respect a certain consistency so that we recognize easily and quickly the company that broadcasts. The virtual business card is no exception to the rule. **Your AirSwop card follows your graphic guide scrupulously. **The logo, the face of your company The first element of your graphic charter is the logo, it is a graphic creation which serves to identify your company in a wink. We are often very proud to have our own logo, we feel accomplished! Moreover, a good logo is a unique logo, easily recognizable. But like our face, the one of our company also evolves with time. It improves with age or simply follows the trends. But what is certain is that it transforms and it transforms more than once.

The idea behind AirSwop is to reduce the paper consumption of companies and to cope with these changes in graphic styles. In addition to respecting the rules associated with your logo, your virtual business card adapts to the evolution of this one, without having to reprint business cards and consequently reducing the paper consumption of your company.

With its explosive colors, your AirSwop card has more impact than a "contact sheet".

Colors have real power. Each one has its own characteristics. They influence our perception and interpretation by attracting or repelling us without us really realizing it. They influence our choices! When you have defined your graphic charter, you have determined the colors that correspond to you and that convey the values of your company. Your colors leave a positive impact on your customers. Connected to our memory to affect our emotions and decisions, the colors of your visual identity will make you and your company unforgettable.

But your graphic identity doesn't stop at colors! Typography plays a major role in the image of your business card. It asserts your identity and also allows you to be recognized. **Yes, your characters have character! Once again, you have chosen your font so that it resembles you and represents the values of your company. Your typographic style expresses your ideas, your story and also generates emotions. Sales stories are above all stories of emotions, so trigger emotions with the colors and font of your AirSwop card.

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Your email signatures are no exception to the rule.

Nowadays, we can't count the number of emails we send and receive. Ultra privileged channel of communication, your emails are vectors of communication which convey the values of your company. AirSwop applies your graphic charter on your electronic documents by inserting your virtual business card in your email signature. Whether it is on your computer or from your telephone, you sign your emails with your virtual business card by propagating the identity of your company.

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Display your graphic identity on Zoom and Teams.

The conference visios have exploded. Take advantage of this opportunity to highlight your logo, colors and fonts. Create emotion with a virtual background that follows the guidelines of your visual identity.

AirSwop, your best asset to spread your company values.

You will have understood, your graphic charter, is the guide that all your communication supports follow to remain coherent with each other. By replicating it to the comma, AirSwop reveals the values of your company through the colors of your virtual business card which will guide the decisions of your customers. By sharing your virtual business card, you share the elements of your graphic charter and the values of your company.

Spread your graphic identity, make a mark, start yourself from the competition with your AirSwop business card!

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The development of my logo and my entire graphic charter took a lot of time. No other virtual business card application respected my visual identity exactly.

Gladys Web designer

We send a lot of messages through our corporate colors. We work a lot on orange-yellow atmospheres to create optimism. Our business card had to follow the movement, AirSwop allowed us to keep our colors on our virtual business card.

Cédric Communication Manager

I have just set up my structure in real estate. To differentiate myself, I chose flashy colors. When I send my AirSwop card, people remember me!

Hamid Realtor
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