Customize your virtual business card

The personalization of your business card is limitless

You will be remembered by the colors you use.

The replica of your visual identity, in 2 main steps.

👉 Step 1: The card that appears in your AirSwop application and on the text previews

preview carte

👉 Step 2: The web page (url) where you land after clicking or flashing your AirSwop card.

page share moon wood house

Step 1: Your card in the application

1️⃣ the background that will come in the background of the card (without text!)

  • This file will be an image file .jpeg, a .png, a .psd or an .ai..
  • Its dimensions will be: 2000 px X 1296 px

template_moonwoodhouse ss_texte.jpg

2️⃣ the name of the fonts you wish to use for your text

3️⃣ the background 1️⃣ with the text on top so that we know where to place the different fields you want to appear on this visual

template_moonwoodhouse avec_texte.jpg

Step 2: the destination web page

This page can be structured in more than one way.

4️⃣ choose your preferred type

structure page share

5️⃣ your logo (HD quality)

6️⃣ the colors chosen for the different elements (button and text)

Send all these documents, by clicking here 👈