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Why should my company digitize its business cards?
Airswop supports you in your digital and ecological transition. You convey a modern brand image, you keep all the advantages of a paper card without the disadvantages: Classification, stock depletion, omission, impossible update,loss of contacts and environmental problems.
With whom can you exchange your card?
All the world! With or without application, you will exchange and integrate in your phone the contact details of each one.
How can I get my AirSwop card?
By downloading the "GUEST" version of AirSwop, you immediately have a digital card with its options. If you wish to broadcast your company's image, simply click on the AirSwop card to contact us. We digitize your graphic identity and apply it to your card and all those of your employees.
Will my data be used for commercial purposes?
AirSwop does not receive any remuneration for the distribution of advertising. This is why we offer a PRO and ENTERPRISE service. We ensure that your data is never sold to third parties.
How will all my employees integrate their new card?
When your company contracts a PRO or ENTERPRISE service, your employees will register with their professional email and a password of their choice. The domain name of the e-mail allows the application of your company's identity.
In which language is the product distributed?
The product is distributed in English, French and Spanish. New languages will soon be available according to your needs.
How do I change my phone number?
In order to modify or complete your contact details, go to your card. Change your contact details, make sure you do not forget to save your changes.
What if I don't locate my interlocutor's card?
When you press the "Swop" icon, your card and that of your interlocutor appear, if not, get out and enter the "Swop" again. If they still do not appear, check your connection. If the connection is too weak, you can send your card by text message or email. The exchange will take place as soon as the network returns.
What if I am not located in the swop?
Be sure to check that you have accepted the location permission. In this case, go to your phone's settings and allow access to your position. If it still does not appear, check your network connection.
How can I prevent my card from being distributed to a third party?
You do not want your contacts to distribute your business card. By scrolling to the end of your profile, you have the option of allowing or not allowing users to share your card.
My business card does not fit in my email signature!
We are working hard on it! Unfortunately the GMAIL messaging service does not yet allow us to insert your AirSwop card.
The data request is not coming back!
We work with institutions and work assistance services. The data entery is manually and may take some time. But be sure that you will receive the information and that your card will be transmitted correctly.

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