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Our commitments


Corporate social responsibility is today unavoidable and necessary for our future. Our objective when creating the application was to reduce the ecological impact of each company by reducing paper consumption. But helping people with disabilities was a priority. We have launched an option to involve them and allow you to involve them in your turn! In order to ensure this transition from paper to digital with a success rate defying any technology, when your contact person gives you his or her paper business card, you will take a picture of it. The photo will be sent to the establishments or services that help you through the Vivre Autrement work. Our partners manually enter the contact details that come back implemented in your directory.


We are committed and we set environmental and societal goals. To help you understand and discover them in a transparent way, we invite you to discover our ZEI profile.

The collective

The 1% for the Planet is an international collective of companies, associations and individuals working together for a healthy planet. We are one of the member companies that have committed to donate 1% of their turnover to environmental associations approved by 1% for the Planet.