Much more than a Digital business card

Your virtual business card turns your recipient into a customer!

Customize your card, add photos or videos of your products and share by sms, mail, QR Code, WhatsApp, Signal ...

AirSwop is the communication tool to present your business and share your contact information.

+ Over 10,000 shared cards

A virtual business card that looks like you

A card with beautiful colors marks more the spirits than a simple "contact sheet".

80% of people recognize a company thanks to its colors, which is why we replicate your graphic charter.

Your company and its logo evolve? So does your card! As well as those of your employees.

Easy to send

By SMS, email, QR code or on social networks your card is accessible everywhere.
You exchange your details, they are saved in one click, even if your contact does not have the app!

Showcase your products

What if, in the blink of an eye, we could have an overview of all your products and services?

With each mailing, your new products are highlighted with your digital business card

The recipient of your virtual card chooses from "your virtual catalog" and contacts you in one click

Get your business off the ground with your virtual business card. 🚁🚁🚁

It's your turn!