Much more than a Digital business card
A Magic Tool

Give super powers to your contact information 🦸🏻🦸🏼‍♀️

"GUEST", discover your "sustainable" business card

6 visual identities

Logo upload on your card

Unlimited shares

Integration of contacts in the phone's contact book

Contacts sorted by name, company or date

ex VAT / user / year
"DIGITAL TRANSITION", from the paper to the smartphone.

Everything in Guest +

Card customized

Unified email signature

Connected to your media

"Leaflet" generation

Your Videoconference background

Addition of paper card* (extra cost, manual input by an ESAT)

ex VAT / user / year
"ENTERPRISE", for those who want to go further.


Your Back office customized

users' datas uniformisation

Analysis of your card traffic

Integration with your favorite tools

"Maslow" card for 1 euro 😉

Addition of paper card* (extra cost, manual input by an ESAT)

*Engage your company in social responsibility

*Collaborate with an ESAT

An operator of a Help Desk by Work Service Establishment manually enters the details of the paper business card you are photographing.

We offer annual packs of 100, 500 and 1000 entries, respectively billed at 60€ HT, 300€ HT and 600€ HT. If your credit is not exhausted, it is renewed.

The sums are invoiced by ESAT and allow you to obtain Beneficiary Units.