Much more than a Digital business card

Your digital Business Card

Business card consumption

An economic tool

A sales representative distributes an average of 6 cards daily over a year. He works 22 days a month. He goes on vacation for one month.
So he uses 🤔 1452 cards on a année🧐

How much do you pay for a paper card? 10 cts?
I'll do the calculation for you: 145,20€ 😱
And why wouldn't you save 86%?

"GUEST", discover your "sustainable" business card

Choice of 4 visual identities

Logo upload on your card

Unlimited shares

Integration of contacts in the phone's contact book

Contacts sorted by name, company or categories

ex VAT / user / year
"DIGITAL TRANSITION", from the paper to the smartphone.

Everything in Guest +

Card customized

Paper card addition*

Unified email signature

Connected to your media

Access to your "leaflet"

ex VAT / user / year
"ENTERPRISE", for those who want to go further.


Access to a personalised back office

Data subject to validation

Unification of all your users' datas

Shares analysis

CRM and HR integration

Unlimited changes to your Template

Creation of a division within a group

Transfer of customer wallet from one employee to another

"Maslow" card for 1 euro 😉

**Engage your company in social responsibility

*We collaborate with an ESAT

*For 0.60 cts, an operator of a Help Desk Establishment by work manually enters the coordinates of the paper business card you are photographing.