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Confidentiality and Personal Data

Protection Policy

AIRSWOP is an application that enables the dematerialization and exchange of digital business cards to provide users with an environmentally friendly and practical solution. Within the framework of its offer, AIRSWOP company has to process personal data.
SAS AIRSWOP undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the Users’ data in its application and considers the protection of personal data to be of fundamental importance for the operation of its activities. It also encourages Users to respect the personal data transmitted to them via the Application.
SAS AIRSWOP undertakes to comply with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, as well as with those of European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of personal data. SAS AIRSWOP will respect the commitments set forth in this charter and will ensure that its staff, its group and each of its subcontractors respect its terms.
SAS AIRSWOP may be required to amend this personal data protection policy from time to time. Users will then be informed by e-mail of any changes to the provisions of this charter.

Article 1: Personal data collected by AIRSWOP

The information collected in the AIRSWOP application is subject to computer processing for the exclusive use of AIRSWOP. It is collected by AIRSWOP to provide the services offered by the Application.
The data collected are the data that you yourself entrust to AIRSWOP, i.e. identification data, connection logs, your first names, your company name, possibly the title of your position, your address, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, fax number. The geolocation data when you exchange a map on the SWOP is also collected. AIRSWOP has a log about your dates and times of connection on the SWOP.AIRSWOP stores the data you collect namely the information contained on the Business Cards you collect.
AIRSWOP also collects statistical data about the use of the application such as the number of cards exchanged.

Article 2: Use of data by AIRSWOP

Operation of the application – AIRSWOP processes the data you have entrusted to it to allow you to access your personal account and to use all the application’s functionalities, for providing you the subscribed service and the application’s maintenance and update services. This processing is carried out on the basis of the contract to which you have consented. Acceptance of this processing is a condition for the conclusion of the contract. Your data are kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and then kept for 2 years after the account is deleted.
The AIRSWOP application uses geolocation to allow Users to exchange their Business Cards when they are on the “SWOP” feature and are within a common perimeter of a hundred meters. The processing of this data allows AIRSWOP to maintain the good functioning of the service and its improvement.

These data are processed on the basis of the contract to which you have consented. Your consent to this processing is a condition for the conclusion of the contract. The location data are kept for a maximum period of 1 month from the date of collection of the data.

Customer relationship management
AIRSWOP processes customer data in the context of the customer relationship, i.e. to enable contact between you and AIRSWOP, to manage complaints, to provide customer support, to provide you with information on the services used, to invoice Standar or Enterprise accounts. The data collected are identification data, e-mail address, connection logs.

This data is processed as a result of the contract signed with SAS AIRSWOP. Your consent to this processing is a condition for the conclusion of the contract. This data is stored for the duration of the contractual relationship and for 5 years after the end of the contract.

AIRSWOP also processes this data for advertising purposes, e.g. to enable you to receive offers on AIRSWOP services, if you have given your consent. The information is processed for this purpose for a period of three years after your last use of the service. If you do not wish to receive this information, you may exercise your right to access, modify, delete or oppose the data concerning you at any time by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Statistical processing
AIRSWOP may process your application usage data in order to provide you with statistics on the use of the application but also to improve the performance and functionality of the application and to offer new services. The data collected are the data of use of the application such as for example the frequency of your business card exchanges with your prospects.

This processing is part of the AIRSWOP service offer and is based on the contract.

This data is kept for a period of two years and then anonymized and stored for the purpose of statistical and performance studies of the application. Your consent to this processing is a condition for the conclusion of the contract.

Processing of third party data to the Application
AIRSWOP may store the data you have transmitted to AIRSWOP via the contact forms in order to share your contact information more easily with AIRSWOP or its Users. These processing operations are carried out on the basis of AIRSWOP’s legitimate interest to facilitate exchanges with third parties to the Application. These data are kept for the time necessary to enable contact to be made or for the time necessary for the User of the Application. The third party to the Application is under no obligation to transmit his contact details via AIRSWOP forms. He may also object to the processing of his data at any time or request their deletion (see Article 6).

Meeting legal obligations
AIRSWOP may share your information if required by law, to respond to a mandatory legal proceeding or to defend itself in a legal proceeding to which AIRSWOP is a party.

Website and application: cookies, web beacons and others
AIRSWOP processes the personal data of the users of the website and its application AIRSWOP through the cookies deposited there. Cookies are files that store information on your computer, smartphone or other devices used. They allow the recognition of the user, the device that is used regardless of the websites visited. They can collect information during the lifetime of these cookies.

AIRSWOP uses cookies essential to the operation of the application, cookies essential to the operation of the website (analytical cookies), cookies to assess the performance of the application and the website. AIRSWOP does not allow the use of advertising cookies. AIRSWOP only uses cookies for connection identification.

Cookies allow the processing of your personal data in order to enable the functioning of the website and the application, improve the online experience of our users, identify and prevent fraudulent use, guarantee the security of our network and information systems.
The data collected is the IP address, the device and web browser you use, the data transmitted by the applications that you may download via our website; the date and time of your visit to our website, as well as the way you use it and access its content, your purchase and payment history (if applicable). This data may be combined with other personal data that we collect about you. Any User can set whether or not to accept cookies via the options in their browser. These cookies are kept for 13 months.

Article 3 – Recipients of your personal data

AIRSWOP may share your data when using a service provider in the performance of any contract to provide or improve our services.

Article 4 – AIRSWOP as a subcontractor

AIRSWOP acts as a Subcontractor when processing data on behalf of its User clients.

Beneficiaries, i.e. those whose Stadndard o Enterprise service is made available by an AIRSWOP User, such as their employer for example, are subject to the same processing as Users.

However, they are particularly informed that :

The controller is the entity that makes the AIRSWOP Standard or Enterprise application available to them;
This entity that is a client of AIRSWOP may consult the data they provide on the Application, the data on the use of the Application, the statistical data on their use of the Application, and all of the Cards collected.

Article 5 – Processing outside the European Union

None of the processing carried out by AIRSWOP transfers your personal data outside the European Union. You are, however, responsible for any transfer of your business card containing your data to recipients outside the European Union or to international organisations or companies.

Article 6 – Your rights as users and customers

You are informed that you have the rights :

  • of access to your personal data,
  • advisory
  • corrective
  • concerning your personal data with SAS AIRSWOP.
  • You also have the rights :
  • Deletion (right to forget) of your data. This right of deletion is not absolute and AIRSWOP may retain certain data if required to do so by law or for legitimate reasons in accordance with the law.
  • the portability of your data, i.e. the possibility to receive the personal data provided to AIRSWOP in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and the right to pass this data on to another data controller. Data portability may be carried out subject to costs to be borne by the user or Client, who will be notified in advance.
  • opposition or limitation to one or more of the above-mentioned processing operations.
    AIRSWOP reserves the right to decline any request that :

would be unreasonable or would require disproportionate technical and financial efforts, and/or
would infringe on the confidentiality of third parties,
or to requests that would be very difficult to meet or would concern information to which access is not required by law.

Article 7 – CNIL claim

You are informed that you can make a claim to the CNIL.

Article 8 – Security of processing

AIRSWOP strives to continuously implement measures to ensure optimum security of personal data, in particular to ensure the backup of your data, to prevent any misappropriation and leakage of data.

In the event that you notice a leakage of personal data related to the application, please contact AIRSWOP immediately at