Much more than a Digital business card
No more paper

Preserve your customers

Did you know that paper and cardboard carry the virus for more than 24 hours? To stop spreading the disease, handshakes and business card exchanges are prohibited. So, how do you get your customers to register your contact information today? For trade shows, conferences, stores or offices open to the public, you can download your "leaflet" from your app, which includes your card and its QR code.
Simple, efficient

Your leaflet

Placed on your stand, counter or at the checkout, your customers record your contact information or that of your establishment with a simple flash. They stay connected to your news and can contact you easily. Give it a try!

You've never been so close to your contacts

Available on all platforms at all times! You are literally connected with your customers. Well installed at home, they go back to your business card, enjoy your news, surf on your web page. They promote you on social networks by sharing your card!