Much more than a Digital business card
Sharing is cool, but that's not all

More Features

Virtual Background

Your AirSwop Card in video conference

Make your contact information available during a video conference!
You generate, from your application, your background. You share it by AirDrop, by email, as you wish, so that you can download it into your favorite video conferencing tool.
No more manual input

Increase productivity🚀

Stay focused on your business!
No more wasting time manually entering your contacts or keeping them updated in your favorite software.

As a true entry point into your CRM, all the data you collect in your AirSwop application flows into it.

They are included in your marketing campaign lists and synchronized with your address books.

The cards of your employees follow their evolution according to your HR management platform (entry, exit, promotion).

Highlight your business

Communicate now

Don't waste time, we're all running after it!
Communicate your news, your new products or your favorites as soon as you send your card.

Choose your catchphrase and fill in the link.

Your message is obvious and generates traffic to your site and your social networks. Your contacts share your card and promote it within their network.

You gain notoriety and spread the commercial impact of this moment of exchange.

Unified, updated

Your e-mail signature

All the e-mail signatures of your employees are unified and updated.

From your application, send an e-mail and benefit from the automatic integration of your digital business card in your signature.

The recipient clicks on your interactive signature to be redirected to your web page hosting your card.

Sorted, organized, ranked

Stop looking for your Contacts

Whether they come from a photo, a "swop" or after sending your card, your contacts are all here.

They are sorted by Name, Company or Category. Define yourself your categories, prospects, suppliers, customers etc... A long press on your contact allows you to "tag" it.

By entering one of these data, the search bar will efficiently find your contact.


your user management interface

Manage all your users.
Validate and unify their information.
Create divisions according to your departments, dispatch your collaborators to assign them their own identity.

Have a feedback of the frequentation of your cards.
For reasons of General Data Protection Regulations, we cannot record the details of the people to whom your employees send their cards. However, we will inform you about the number of visits and the number of times the recipient's details are returned.